Sam Ahn

Sam Ahn is a disruptor and innovator in global K-12 education. He holds two master’s degrees in education and technology and currently pursuing a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University. His research includes using game mechanics and dynamics to increase learner engagement and motivation.

Sam is also an entrepreneur and he has worked with various global education and technology companies from multiple countries. Sam enjoys using human-centered design to design learning experiences that are highly immersive and experiential. His teachings include Digital Marketing, Game Design, Hospitality & Entertainment Management, Finance & Investment, and Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for middle to high school students.

He currently is working to launch an app that connects students and parents with mentors, educators, educational consultants, and schools based on interest and profile. This includes many educational and career-related events online and around the world.

What I Do

Curriculum Design

Using the best practices of instructional design and learning theories, combined with technology, I design highly immersive and experiential learning experiences for any class or learners. All classes are highly inter/multi-disciplinary and focused on solving real-world problems.

Web Design

I help set up websites for students, educators ("edupreneurs"), and organizations. Training is provided to ensure individuals or groups can easily maintain and update sites. The websites are designed with digital marketing (e.g. SEO, content) in mind.

Education Consulting

I provide guidance and counseling to students and families who are seeking to enter the most competitive schools (K-12, college, and graduate school) and companies. Most students work on individual or group passion projects that showcase their interest and skills that colleges and workplaces look for.


My classes are focused on developing necessary hard and soft skills to thrive in the age of AI and automation. My courses include Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Game Design, Hospitality & Entertainment Management, BioTech, Web Development, Social Entrepreneurship, and many other highly engaging classes.



18 Years of Experience


Columbia University

Instructional Technology & Media

Ed.D. Doctorate in Education in progress 

Columbia University

Instructional Technology & Media

Ed.M. Master's in Education completed

Columbia University

Computing in Education

M.A. completed



B.A. completed


Stony Brook School (NY, US)

Director, Passion Academies

  • Responsible for designing curriculum, managing, and teaching courses under Passion Academies
  • Strategized launching of a fully online program to students and partner institutions around the world
  • Advised key digital marketing and recruiting strategies to increase student enrollment and engagement.
  • Designed curriculum and taught middle and high school students from North/South Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa Problem-Solving with Programming, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, and Sustainability courses.
  • Created programming and taught elementary school students around the world through the Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship program.
2020 - Current
MeetSpecs, Ltd (Korea + US)

CEO & Founder

  • Developed a mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, to connect students and parents with consultants and schools based on their profile, including interests, philosophy, type of learners, geography, strengths & weaknesses, among others. 
  • Fundraised to hire and manage the design and development team.
2017 - 2021
Miss Porter's School (CT, USA)

Director, Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

  • Developed an Introduction to TIE course that became required for all new students in an all-girls boarding school, responsible for teaching and inspiring girls to pursue STEAM fields.
  • Responsible for designing the Institute for TIE that went from a non-existent program to over 20% of high school girls committed to the certificate-granting program in less than a year. 
  • Responsible for forging partnerships with companies like Microsoft and dozens of startup tech companies to bring in guest speakers and create immersive projects and internships. 
  • Founded and directed the StartUp Lab, guiding students to develop an app idea and teaching them technological and entrepreneurial skills to go from ideation to launch. 
  • Launched first-ever Pitch Day and Hackathon competitions, in which hundreds of students submitted and presented their app ideas that solve real-world problems. 
  • Developed curriculum, launched and taught students in China, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, and the US through Global TIE certificate program and Global Seminar Series workshops.
  • Developed Porter’s Global website and set up external revenue-generating programs. 
  • Responsible for engaging and communicating with graduates, parents, trustees, and experts in the field of technology and entrepreneurship to mentor students and provide opportunities.
  • Designed curriculum as part of the Curriculum Committee responsible for the complete overhaul of curriculum, including designing interdisciplinary classes, making schedule changes, and designing real-world experiential learning opportunities. 
  • Taught Game Design, Digital Marketing, Computer Science, Hospitality and Entertainment Management, and Social Entrepreneurship courses and led design thinking and innovative technologies workshops; started LaunchX and Girls Who Code. 
2011 - Current
Ahn Instructional Design & Technology, Inc. (NY, USA)


  • Provided consultations to K-12 schools that are looking to reimagine and design the curriculum, grading & assessment, and programs to better prepare students for the future that are highly interdisciplinary, inspirational, authentic, and engaging. 
  • Responsible for design and development of EdTech web and mobile applications from scratch to launch. Most apps are designed in-house and coded through networked companies around the world. Current apps in development include Legasi (a mobile app that connects graduates with students and engages the community for job opportunities, mentorships, and fundraising), MeetSpecs (web app that connects students with mentors, school and educational consultants; SaaS structure), Wave Exchange (student/school e-commerce app for books, used goods and services), independent school athletics app, and boarding school admissions app.
  • Consulted dozens of educational companies and startups in-game and instructional design.
  • Partnered with international companies to assist in providing educational and training programs, specializing in the use of innovative technology.
  • Developed curriculum and learning programs for various standardized tests.
  • Mentored and assisted hundreds of students in getting into the top K-12 schools and colleges in the US.
Gooroo, Inc. (NY, USA)


  • Developed roadmap and strategy for venture-backed EdTech company 
  • Created and operated STEAM and entrepreneurship education programs in NYC, including coding boot camp, business plan competition, hackathon, and internship for high schoolers. 
  • Hired and managed a special education program team 
  • Created internship opportunities for high school students in NYC
2016 - 2021
Ahn Academy, Inc. (NJ, USA)

CEO & President

  • Provided end-to-end educational consulting services to local (mostly NY/NJ/CT) and international (majority from Korea, China, and Hong Kong) K-12 students. 
  • Consulted hundreds of students in school admissions and test prep, resulting in 97% admissions rate to top-3 choice schools. 
  • Consulted educational companies to help create or scale academic and consulting programs. 
  • Developed partnerships with some of the largest international educational companies to collaborate on projects and recruitment for camps and admissions. 
  • Created and operated STEAM and entrepreneurship education programs in schools. 
  • Created Techbridges flagship program and managed the design, curriculum, hiring, and operations.
  • Hired and managed dozens of employees and freelancers who tutor and counsel students.
  • Developed a social entrepreneurship program for high school students to cultivate entrepreneurial and design thinking to come up with innovative solutions to address social issues. 
  • Designed a unique web and mobile application to connect students and parents with mentors.
  • Assisted students in creating their own business or nonprofit organization. 
  • Provided monthly workshops and seminars to families on admission and career trends.
  • Taught social entrepreneurship, digital marketing, innovation, and design classes at camps. 
  • Developed relationships with dozens of boarding schools and colleges.
  • Developed partnerships and network in China with plans to expand there within 1-2 years.  
2014 - 2015
EIC Education & New Pathway Education and Technology Group (Greater China + US)

Managing Director

  • Responsible for leading $1B valuation Chinese educational company to launch businesses in the US.
  • Developed strategic business partnerships with schools and organizations. 
  • Designed educational programs for grades 6-12 and college international students.
  • Developed summer programs and camps for high school and college students.
  • Lectured thousands of students in college admissions in the US and China.
  • Counseled and mentored K-12 & college students in admissions.
  • Advised educational technology team on mobile app product development and testing.
  • Led as a Product Manager of several mobile educational app development teams.
  • Created and managed virtual tutoring and counseling programs for high school students.
2011 - 2014
C2 Education Center (NY, USA)

CEO of Franchise

  • Managed C2 Education Center, Inc., Manhattan branch as the Center Director.
  • Counseled and mentored 200+ K-12 & college students in admissions.
  • Developed a new curriculum for graduate admissions tests for nationwide centers.
  • Streamlined college preparation and application process that resulted in 300% YOY increase in new enrollment.
  • Consulted branches to provide high-end college counseling packaging. 
2011 - 2014
Big Apple Education Center, Inc. (NY, USA)


  • Designed a LEGO-based civics, technology, and language program for PK-4 students. 
  • Developed after-school programs ran in schools and learning centers.
  • Designed a technology program for elementary students using LEGO robotics and Scratch.
  • Developed curriculum and hired gifted & talented teachers to run summer reading and writing programs with embedded video editing lessons. 
EduFlo (Seoul, Korea)

Overseas Business Director

  • Implemented a successful pilot program of the company’s game-based Chinese language learning software, Hanjamaru, in public elementary schools, resulting in the adoption of the program in over one hundred public schools in Korea.
  • Organized and facilitated communication between the company with various educational businesses and institutions in China and the US resulting in partnerships.
  • Advised various game-based learning and LMS software under development and testing.
2009 - 2010
Time Education (Seoul, Korea)

Overseas Business Director

  • Advised research and development of online educational programs for the largest educational company in Korea with 400,000 students resulting in the installation of multiple math and English after-school programs.
  • Negotiated a multi-million dollar deal with one of the leading Chinese educational firms to implement the company’s educational technology in English level assessment programs.
  • Organized summer math pilot program in a US public elementary school (Los Angeles, CA) and taught math to students of grades 2-6, with great student improvement and engagement.
  • Assisted in the development of a mathematics curriculum for grades 1-8, designed for US schools.
  • Organized various overseas conferences and workshops for business development.
2006 - 2009
IvyConnection (Seoul, Korea)

Managing Director

  • Counseled 500 students from various countries including China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Philippines, England, and the US to help gain admissions to prestigious US schools.
  • Managed US$2.5 million capital and led to double to triple-digit growth each of the three years.
  • Hired, managed, and trained 25 associate consultants, resulting in a client satisfaction rate of 95% and the highest client retention and referral rate in the company history.
  • Created and developed Online Consulting System (OCS) to streamline the consulting process and provide real-time mentoring for students, parents, and consultants; it led to 250% increase in client enrollment after 1st year of launch.
  • Developed programs such as the Thanksgiving Program in Boston that resulted in 500% increase in revenue in the second year.
  • Provided guardianship for hundreds of students by traveling to various schools internationally to collaborate with educators and school administrators to set goals and roadmap for students.
  • Taught over 100 high school students annually in the subjects of SAT 1 and 2 Mathematics, AP Calculus AB/BC, and AP Economics.
2004 - 2006
Recas Academy (Seoul, Korea)

Academic & Global Education Program Director

  • Hired, trained, and managed over 50 teachers at corporate headquarters.
  • Developed various curricula and programs for international students planning to matriculate to US colleges and lectured at various seminars for students and parents.
  • Developed SAT prep program from the ground up, resulting in 0 to 600+ student growth in one year.
  • Designed curriculum and taught mathematics and science as the headteacher of the Global Assessment Certificate program, with all students successfully matriculating to US colleges.
  • Coordinated with international organizations on overseas exchange student programs, culminating in partnerships and successful program launches in Korea.

Instructional Design Skills

Curriculum Design


LMS Management


Web Design


EdTech Tools


Technology Skills

HTML / CSS coding




Google Suites


Microsoft Office


LMS | Blackbaud, Blackboard, Canvas...


Video editing




Digital Marketing Tools



My Works
Korea+Ukraine Elementary Student Hackathon

Korea+Ukraine Elementary Student Hackathon

Design Thinking, Elementary School, Global Studies, Hackathon
School-wide Innovation Days

School-wide Innovation Days

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Global Studies, High School, Instructional Design, Videos
Design Thinking with Slalom Consulting

Design Thinking with Slalom Consulting

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Hackathon, High School, Instructional Design, Technology
Real-world, Live Case Studies

Real-world, Live Case Studies

Entrepreneurship, High School, Instructional Design, Technology, Videos
Global Collaboration Opportunities

Global Collaboration Opportunities

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Global Studies, Hackathon, High School, Instructional Design, Middle School, Technology, Videos, Virtual
Global BioTech Camp

Global BioTech Camp

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Global Studies, Hackathon, High School, Instructional Design, Summer Program, Technology, Videos
LEGO Civics & Language Program

LEGO Civics & Language Program

Elementary School, Global Studies, Instructional Design, Summer Program
HS Hackathons

HS Hackathons

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Hackathon, High School, Technology
Student-run Café Business on Campus

Student-run Café Business on Campus

Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Course

Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) Course

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, High School, Instructional Design, Technology, Videos
Girls Middle School Summer Camp

Girls Middle School Summer Camp

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Middle School, Summer Program, Technology
“Techbridges” – HS program at Columbia University NY

“Techbridges” – HS program at Columbia University NY

Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, High School, Summer Program, Technology


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