Sam Ahn

Sam Ahn is a disruptor and innovator in global K-12 education. He holds two master’s degrees in education and technology and currently pursuing a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Media at Columbia University. His research includes using game mechanics and dynamics to increase learner engagement and motivation.

Sam is also an entrepreneur and he has worked with various global education and technology companies from multiple countries. Sam enjoys using human-centered design to design learning experiences that are highly immersive and experiential. His teachings include Digital Marketing, Game Design, Hospitality & Entertainment Management, Finance & Investment, and Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for middle to high school students.

He currently is working to launch an app that connects students and parents with mentors, educators, educational consultants, and schools based on interest and profile. This includes many educational and career-related events online and around the world.

What I Do

Curriculum Design

Using the best practices of instructional design and learning theories, combined with technology, I design highly immersive and experiential learning experiences for any class or learners. All classes are highly inter/multi-disciplinary and focused on solving real-world problems.

Web Design

I help set up websites for students, educators ("edupreneurs"), and organizations. Training is provided to ensure individuals or groups can easily maintain and update sites. The websites are designed with digital marketing (e.g. SEO, content) in mind.

Education Consulting

I provide guidance and counseling to students and families who are seeking to enter the most competitive schools (K-12, college, and graduate school) and companies. Most students work on individual or group passion projects that showcase their interest and skills that colleges and workplaces look for.


My classes are focused on developing necessary hard and soft skills to thrive in the age of AI and automation. My courses include Introduction to Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Game Design, Hospitality & Entertainment Management, BioTech, Web Development, Social Entrepreneurship, and many other highly engaging classes.