Global BioTech Camp


  • HS @NYC, Shanghai, and Seoul

From New York City to Seoul, this unique, three-week Biotech program was designed to provide high school students with an inspiring, hands-on experience in the booming biotechnology industry. The program’s focus was for students to gain maximum exposure to this emerging, growing field that lies at the intersection of science, entrepreneurship, ethics, and law.


Students were exposed to a wide range of eye-opening experiences with an agenda comprised of the following: interactive project-based activities; lectures and training from industry professionals and university professors; site visits to technology labs and companies; and design, production and research activities. These activities culminated in a final group project in which students will designed and developed solutions to address problems in health and medicine. 

The students not just "toured" venues, they completed projects, learned various aspects of biotechnology (science, research, patient-facing experience, design, investment, business, and policy) and immersed in local cultures while in New York City, Shanghai, and various cities in Korea.