Korea+Ukraine Elementary Student Hackathon


A mini hackathon was held with elementary school students (grades 4-6) on the theme of solution design for Ukrainian children. It's not about making the coolest product. It is necessary to design a solution that is localized, affordable, necessary and working. You can't do it without empathy for the user first. We were thankful for Yan's apprentice who gave us a presentation and #storytelling for us early in the morning in Kyiv (after a lot of siren notifications).

Elementary school students who participated in a 100% English environment made #prototypes through #design thinking process to find solutions to existing problems for Ukrainian children who are experiencing many problems due to the ongoing war.

Our children can change the world. Instead of focusing only on the 50 million Korean people, we need to develop a sense of global citizenship and consensus toward the people of the world. I hope this type of education expands in Korea!