Real-world, Live Case Studies


  • HS students

It is very important for students to get an authentic, real-world connection to what they learn in class. Oftentimes, they learn content and skills the students can't connect to the real world. In my classes I try to inspire and make learning relevant through making connections to companies and people who are using the skills and experiences the students are learning in class and activities.

  • Hospitality & Entertainment Management class: HS students got a glimpse of the real world experience in hospitality and entertainment management/business every other class by doing case studies and meeting with people in the space. In the video, the class met with the executive Chef at one of the world's greatest sporting event venue, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta!
  • Digital Marketing class: Students worked with an early to mid-stage startups to form a digital marketing proposal to present to the decisions makers of the companies as the final project using the skills they learned throughout the semester. Many students ended up doing DM internship for the company they worked with. (vid)
  • Our students visited Upward Hartford, WeWork and other collaborative startup workspace to learn from entrepreneurs and provide feedback as potential users and on design.